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Welcome to Plato OS, the open source alternative to Windows and Linux.
Plato was started as an alternative to difficult or frustrating systems that
just don't provide the simplicity or ease-of-use that users want or need.

Plato also aims to support binaries from the following systems:
  • Windows (95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP)
  • Linux (Red Hat Fedora/Debian/Mandriva)
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Mac OS (8/9/10)

This goal is important if Plato ever expects to become popular in the real world.

To Do List:
  • Boot Loader - Done, as seen in snapshot 11-18-06 and later
  • SPARC Version - We need someone who owns a SPARC computer to test and debug a SPARC version of Plato.
  • PowerPC Version - We need someone who owns a PPC computer to test and debug a PPC version of Plato. 
  • Fix the shell! - Perhaps we could use bash.
  • Window System(Eventually)
  • Better print() funtion - Done, as seen in snapshot 11-18-06 and later
  • Ports of Programs
  • STL

Imperative Ports:
  • GCC(And make, etc.)
  • gedit
  • Anti-Virus Software (Any free, open stuff should work)
We should begin development of these ports soon, so when a functional shell is put into place, we'll have some programs.

November 25, 2006
Plato now accepts keyboard input, as seen in snapshot 11-21-06 and later.
Next release(1.0) will be hotkey-driven, a new idea that I have not seen. It may or may not be powerful.
Even so, there wil eventually be a shell. Hotkeys just aren't the shellin'(pun may be construed) way to do
an OS. It gets comlicated when starting programs, because each program would need a hotkey, leading to pages of
reminders of what key to press to start what program, and then there's the fact that there are only about 90 keys on
stripped down keyboard, and half of them would need to be system keys, and some would be reserved, and it goes on and on.

November 18, 2006
Plato is bootstrapping from GRUB off of a floppy. Many thanks to d06 and the SaturnOS team
for the great code ideas.

The Plato OS kernel has been completely revised, with ideas and some code taken from SaturnOS.

November 12, 2006
Plato still needs a boot loader in assembly. Simple Plato kernel is ready for beta deployment.
Code streamlining in progress. We also do not have a shell, or any programs. At this point we have
a small, simple kernel, and a boot disk image displaying a message. WE NEED HELP.
Plato OS is quite new. For awhile, I, Maelstrom92, have been developing the kernel.
However, I do not know assembly. Please consider joining if you know assembly, because we
desperately need a boot loader. This is where most OS projects collapse or fail, and I do not
wish for Plato to go down that way.
(Finished, Job Closed)